Privacy Policy

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) and the Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards (HHYA) respect the privacy of our Youth Awards Applicants. To that end, all sensitive information transmitted on the Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards Online Application is transferred over a secure server using the highest industry standards of data protection.

In order to determine the recipients of HHYA Educational Grants, your Youth Awards Application(s) will be shared with our regional and national selection committee members as well as HHF staff and contractors. All selection committee members, HHF staff and HHF contractors are bound by this Privacy Policy.

Once final determinations have been made, applications will be destroyed and disposed of in a secure manner.

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation does not share your personal information or email address with businesses or other organizations, but does reserve the right to contact you and your family regarding the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, the Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards, Latinos on Fast Track (LOFT) and other opportunities provided by our organization.